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Saturday, June 30, 2012  

MentorMob Pro - Empower Students To Realize Their Full Potential

MentorMob Pro's cloud-based repository secures your Playlists and allows you to blend any Web content. Organize Playlists by subject, grade level, or any way you want. Be creative and incorporate Google Docs and Forms to create a collaborative learning environment in seconds. Publish Playlists to your site or LMS with our widget technology. Jumpstart your MentorMob Pro experience: bulk upload users in seconds. Want it easier? MentorMob automatically sends an enrollment notification email alerting your users how to proceed. With Mentor Mob Pro, peer-assisted learning is not a buzzword: it's in our product DNA. Learners connect, collaborate with, and coach peers. Playlist reviews provide vital feedback to editors. With MentorMob Pro, you see the impact your Playlists are having on participants. The User Dashboard shows in real time which playlists each person is learning, on which step of each Playlist they are, and much more. MentorMob's Learning Playlist lets you blend digital content from anywhere into a step-by-step sequence, and lets the user check off each step as they master it. The Learning Playlist makes it easy and fast to meld internal and external articles, videos, blog posts and more into an experience that deepens and accelerates learning. Their cloud-based architecture lets you manage MentorMob Pro from anywhere. Sit on a beach in Bora Bora as you organize, review usage metrics, and optimize the engagement of the Playlists. MentorMob is a cost-effective and extremely organized, educational experience... comprehensive, sequential, intelligently designed tool ... a very powerful idea. This has been added to Student Research Resources Subject Tracerâ„¢.

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